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Tofu: it’s not just for vegetarians and vegans! Here you’ll find a wide variety of delicious, protein-packed tofu recipes.

vegan baked lemongrass tofu
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Baked Lemongrass Tofu

Tofu baked with an ultra fresh, garlicky lemongrass-ginger marinade. Super easy and perfect for spring rolls, banh mi and vermicelli bowls!

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Tofu “Egg” Patties

The perfect egg substitute for vegan breakfast sandwiches and benedicts! Black salt and nutritional yeast make these pan-fried tofu patties super savory and eggy.

tofu feta cheese
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Vegan Feta Cheese (Tofu Feta)

Cooks in 10 minutes Difficulty Easy

A delicious vegan feta cheese alternative made of cubed tofu in a tangy, savory marinade. The perfect addition to Mediterranean salads, pastas and more!

soft tofu scramble with a piece of toast and sliced avocado on a plate
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Silken Tofu Scramble

This silken tofu scramble recipe is one of my go-to vegan breakfasts. Soft or silken tofu lends a fluffy texture more similar to real scrambled eggs than the classic firm tofu.

closeup image of tofu coated in peanut sauce with a side of rice and sauteed bok choy with chopped baby corn
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Baked Tofu with Peanut Sauce

Spicy tofu baked in a savory ginger-garlic peanut sauce. A great protein option to top Buddha bowls or rice vermicelli bowls — or simply with side of rice and steamed vegetables.