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About the Blog

About Sarah

I’m the chef and creative director at Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen. I’m behind the photography, videography, and much of the recipe development here.

I’ve been obsessed with cooking for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home where Iron Chef and other Food Network shows were always on the TV. I first started to consider a career in the culinary space during college when I would skip class to bake bread for my housemates! I lived in a vegetarian cooperative house at Stanford called Synergy for two years, and was the house’s kitchen manager.

I’m passionate about sustainability, slow-living, and from-scratch cooking. I went vegan in late 2015, originally to improve my health (although nowadays I’m primarily vegan for ethical and environmental reasons). Around that same time, I began documenting my journey on YouTube as Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me making music (I play guitar and piano and love to sing), studying Astrology or Human Design (I’m a Projector — if you know you know), dabbling in various arts and crafts, or playing a cozy video game like Stardew Valley. I’m also a big fan of cat videos on TikTok.

About Eric

Hi, I’m Eric. I’m the business manager, brand liaison, taste tester, occasional “chef”, and comedic relief at Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen.

I’m originally from New York, which is evidenced by my love of the New York Mets, the intensity with which I use hand gestures, and my ability to eat an entire 18” pizza pie. I moved to Colorado in 2016, which is where Sarah and I first lived together.

I went vegetarian during sophomore year of college after I rewatched “Charlotte’s Web” and sobbed uncontrollably. That was the moment I realized that I loved animals too much to continue eating them. I went vegan a few years later.

I’ve been playing music since I was 6 years old. I started out on drums, playing along to every Green Day song I could handle. Over time, I taught myself guitar, piano, and bass. I also sing and have a degree in Audio Production. My long-term musical goal is to one day write a musical that makes it to Broadway.

My other hobbies include playing basketball, listening to audiobooks, and playing video games.

Above everything, I’m Sarah’s partner.