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soy curl chicken salad recipe

Vegan Chicken Salad

Soy curls make the best chicken substitute delicious, high-protein Vegan Chicken Salad. The perfect addition to sandwiches or topping for salads.

homemade garlic herb bread

Easy Garlic Herb Sandwich Bread

This simple bread recipe packs a ton of flavor. Fresh garlic and Italian herbs make this the perfect loaf for panini or fancy grilled cheese. It’s also fantastic toasted and dipped into soups or served alongside salad.

vegan cashew caesar recipe

Creamy Vegan Cashew Caesar

A creamy, flavorful Caesar free of eggs and dairy. This is a fantastic dressing for romaine lettuce and pasta salad, and it’s also a great dip for chips or crudités.

container of soy curl jerky, closeup

Eric’s Original Vegan Jerky

A classic vegan jerky recipe that’s affordable, delicious, and packed with protein. The perfect snack for anything from road tripping to movie night. Made with soy curls and oven-baked.

vegan classic thanksgiving stuffing recipe

Classic Vegan Stuffing

This classic vegan stuffing is a must on my Thanksgiving table! Luckily, it’s extremely easy to veganize; the key is to use a high-quality non-dairy butter and vegan chicken-style bouillon cubes.

vegan banana blossom fish and chips

Banana Blossom Fish (Vegan Fish and Chips)

A vegan-friendly substitute for fried fish. Tender, flaky banana blossoms dipped in a delicious beer batter and fried until light and crispy. Perfect to serve with fries and tartar sauce for vegan fish and chips, or in vegan fried fish tacos.

homemade cultured cashew vegan butter

How to Make Vegan Butter

This homemade vegan butter recipe is delicious, palm oil free, easy to make, and more affordable than store-bought vegan butter.

Coconut Chia Pudding

This creamy pudding is delicious, high in protein and fiber, and requires just a few ingredients!

vegan tofu mayo

Vegan Mayonnaise (with Tofu)

Love mayo but want a lighter option that still tastes great? This creamy vegan mayo is easy to whip up and packed with protein.